Internet Censorship and Free Speech

So, you may have observed that today numerous websites, including Wikipedia, Reddit, and Google. Some have blacked out their entire site and others have blacked out their logo in protest of new pending legislation within the United states. What does SOPA, PIPA, Internet Censorship, and Totally free Speech truly mean? Nicely, a lot when it comes to your rights, how we access the internet’s content. After all, the web is all about content material, isn’t it?

The Quit Online Piracy Act, also known as SOPA, is a piece of legislation presently within the US House of Representatives, whilst the Protect IP Act (PIPA) will be the corresponding bill in the Senate. These pieces of legislation give copyright holders new resources to protect their intellectual property. Copyright holders can sue websites where their content has appeared, irrespective if the owner from the website was the 1 to post that content material on the site. Reposting other people’s ideas, thoughts and content would be impossible on social media networks and blogs.

For example, under these new guidelines (if the legislation passes), With regards to videos, we’d be censored. In the event you posted a video of yourself singing a copyrighted song (perhaps your new favorite song you heard on the radio), then you could be sued by the artist who initially wrote that song. And all the internet websites who link to that video of you singing on the web could be sued, also. Of course this is just an example, but the Stop Online Piracy Act is something that all of us most likely don’t wish to actually to pass and turn out to be law.

I realize that performance artists, musicians, song writers, and even writers, do not want their things copied and offered out for free. We all want to make some money from the hard work we put into generating content material. But there’s a fine line when it comes to internet censorship and free speech.

That is why so many websites are taking the time these days to alter their websites’ content material, black it out, or perhaps black out their logo.